Got Questions? We've got answers.

Where are you located?

We have homes in both Butte and Mendocino Counties.  There is no travel fee for weddings in Butte or Mendocino county. 

Do you travel?

We love traveling and are more than happy to photograph your wedding anywhere on the earth!

How long will it take to get my images after my wedding, engagement, or portrait shoot? 

Your wedding photos will be up on our client proofing site approximately 6-8 weeks after your wedding.  Engagement photos will be on our client proofing site approximately 5-6 weeks after the session. 

I really need/want my photos faster than that, is that possible?

Yes, If you would like all your photos up sooner on your client proofing page, we are happy to send them out to a professional editing lab. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks after your wedding or photo session to get your photos on the client proofing site if sent out to our professional editing lab.  Please ask us for pricing for rush orders.

Is there any way to see some of my images sooner? 

Yes. We reserve the right to blog all wedding, engagement, and portrait sessions unless specially requested that we do not. 

Do I get the rights to my images?

Basically, the answer is "yes," you are permitted to use the digital images for personal non-commercial purposes. We (the photographers) retain the copyright to every image we take but when you purchase the digital negatives, you will receive a copyright release that gives you permission to use the images for personal use. 

What if I want to edit my own photos, can I get the un-edited images from you? 

Ohhh...these hard do we say this, No...(but we're still nice, promise).  Here's how we see it: Photography is an artform and the editing of an image is the completion of our artistic vision. If someone takes our image and edits it how they please, it becomes a distorted representation of our vision. We want to be able to stand behind every image we put out into the world as being a representation of our quality and brand. We spend a lot of time and take pride in going the extra mile to create photos that are works of art.  

Think of it this way, most people wouldn't buy a painting to take it home and paint over it, and it's no different with professional photography. When we give you your images, legally you are not allowed to alter them. 

What it ultimately comes down to is, above all, we want you to hire us because you are in love with our style and our images. We want you to trust us with your photography from start to finish. 

When do I get my CD of images or free digital downloads?

Your images on CD will be delivered with your album.  Free digital downloads (if part of your wedding package) will be available 60 after going up on your client proofing page. This is to keep times more consistent between packages with an album and packages without an album. Free digital downloads of portrait/engagement sessions (if part of your package) are available at the time we release all images to the client proofing site. 

What size are the images we get on CD or digital download?

The images are 8 x 12 high-resolution JPEG files. You may typically print larger files (e.g., 12" x 18" or 11" x 17") with these image files without any major degradation in image quality. Should you wish to purchase larger prints, they can be ordered off of our client proofing site.

How many images will I get from my photo session?

We have different packages available so this will be dependent on what you order.  We typically put up anywhere from 50-150+ images online from a portrait session.

How many images will I get from my wedding?

Depending on the length of your wedding and the package ordered you can expect between 500-1500 images on our online site.  We are storytellers and we want you to see the whole story of the day.  These may not  be the images you want in your album, but they may be the photographs you love because they bring back special memories.  We don't necessarily know what your favorites will be so we want you to be able to select them or at least see them.  The wedding day is such a whirlwind of events, you will be amazed at all the fun that happened that you are able to relive in the images that we take.  That is what our photography is all about, a series of decisive moments that you will be able to cherish forever through our heartfelt beautiful images.

How long until I will receive my wedding album?

It typically takes about 6 months for you to go through the design and edit process and to receive your album.  It can take longer if you are slow to pick your favorite photographs or make design changes.  Once your album is ordered it takes about 6-8 weeks to get it back from our album companies.  We are proud to provide the highest quality albums made in the USA.  We also have an Italian supplier but try to use local sources whenever possible.

Why should I purchase an album when I, or my aunt/uncle/cousin can make one for me?

This is a great question and something we feel strongly about.  Most people don't get around to making their own album.  It is a long, arduous process and something most people will not do unless they are getting paid to do it.  

There are many shoddy album companies out there.  In fact, many of the top album companies won't permit you to purchase their albums unless you are a professional photographer.  We only work with the best album craftsmen.  Your album is a keepsake of your WHOLE wedding experience, the only thing left to tell the story of your remarkable wedding.  We will make you a beautiful album that you will love and cherish forever. 

It's fun to have those digital files as screensavers for your computer, for Facebook, and to send to friends and relatives, but a book is everlasting and a beautiful tangible object.  With all the money invested in your wedding, the price of a wedding album is a very small price to pay. We would love to make you a classic, lasting, gorgeous album for you and your family to treasure. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!  We understand budget needs and are very flexible.  Please ask if you have any special concerns.

Do you take credit cards?

We do take credit cards but must add 3% to your cost to cover the credit card fees.

Do you require a deposit to lock in our date? 

Yes. We require a $500 retainer to secure your date. 

When you say all of our images are edited, what does that mean exactly?

Most pictures require basic exposure, brightness, contrast, and color temperature editing. We do this as a free service for every photo that we put on your proofing site.  Extra editing such as artistic effects (black and white, sepia, etc.), blemish removal, and removal of other objects is available at an hourly rate. 

Can you tell me more about the extra editing?

We do typically add artistic effects to blog photos and images for your album. If you would like additional editing on your photos we do this at a rate of 

Will it always be the two of you photographing my wedding or photo session?

Not necessarily.  It depends on your package.  It will certainly be one of us, but we may have one of our family of shooters with us due to scheduling.  Please see our team of photographers….when we say family, we mean family.

When is the best time of day for my wedding lighting and for photographs?

Late afternoon is usually best for lighting.  Please talk to us about this and we are happy to advise you.  Overhead sunlight is not your friend.  Backlit photos are beautiful and shade is a good thing. 

In general, the best lighting arrives during sunrise and sunset hours. Sunset is the best and most predictable for a wedding and a great time for bride and groom photos.

I lost my original high-resolution digital images you provided me via CD / DVD (e.g., media destroyed by fire, theft, etc). Do you have copies of our original digital files?

We keep all digital content generated for a minimum of two years after the date of your event.  Your files are burnt to DVD and to multiple external hard drives and stored for this reason.